About us


Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre  can assure you with confidence that our team of technicians have years of experience that is unmatched. From working in top notch mobile phone companies to refurbishing gadgets in Hong Kong, Dubai and Philippines, they surely have experience across the borders.

Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre is a company located in Bristol, United Kingdom repairing all types of Gadgets, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles, Laptop,Hoverboard etc. We believe that repair is possible at every stage of life and technology does not bound us or limit us in repairment. We take pride in offering repair services inBristol for majority of the portable devices.

Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre offers you the most experienced technicians in the industry with years of experience worldwide who are dedicated to give you the best service possible. Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre can fix all your gadgets including Apple products, XBOX, Playstation computers, tablets, water damage and all the other types of portable electronic equipment using state-of-the-art Laser rework systems.

We are The only Company that offers Mobile Phone Repair Service in Bristol that has real 16+ Years worldwide Experience.

At Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre our repair is slightly different as we do the component level repair which other technicians fear to touch. We have a high success rate for liquid damaged repair. We can do an extensive repair and also very economical repairs. The good thing about our company Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre is that we not just provide repairing facilities but also provide training. We train shop owners and high street retailers not just in UK but also Worldwide on how to unlock Iphone and other brands of phones. 

Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre is a direct source for iPhone unlocking and all Mobile phone brands unlocking. We totally understand the gadgets repairment as we are made of experienced technicians who have been working in this field for quite a long time. They are up to date on new techniques of repair and also the new gadgets in the markets. We specialise in maintenance and repairs of all gadgets and offer free estimates and discussions to determine the repair and its possibility with the customer.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre prides in exceptional customer service and its aims to provide assistance beyond your expectation offering the most affordable, efficient services using genuine parts of each gadget. We have invested heavily our time, energy and resources in order to carry out repairs to a very high, superior standard and our aim is to provide the best services which are unmatchable to any competitor.

We welcome you to our services and ensure you that the best services would be delivered to you. Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre assures you that our company’s repair is complete and top notch and we always stand by the work we do. Nearly all repair service is guaranteed and if you ever have any issues in our work, we are available for criticism and would do all it takes to satisfy you.


Our Mission

At Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre, our mission statement is to provide the customers an honest, professional and experienced service. High-Quality repairment opportunity is our top most priority and facility. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction and loyalty is crucial to our business.

Please give us a call or stop by and see us. We would love to assist you in repairing facilities, as well as earn your trust.

Founder of Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre
since 1999